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Privacy Notice

Ad Astra International Inc. we are convinced that our most important asset is our clients, therefore we apply privacy guidelines, policies, procedures, and programs to protect your information.

As an Ad Astra customer, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of products and services we offer, knowing that your personal data will be protected. The security of your information is our priority; We protect it through the use and maintenance of security measures, along with technical, physical, and administrative measures, in order to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing it.

By virtue of what we have stated, we inform you that in compliance with our Privacy Program and with the Law, the personal data that we obtain under the operations that you request or celebrate with Ad Astra will be treated confidentially through the systems and schemes provided for such purposes.

Ad Astra” has designated a contact email, [email protected] through which You, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Law, may request the exercise of your rights, which consist of access to your personal data, to its rectification, cancellation, or opposition to its treatment for specific purposes; The Privacy Committee is in charge of following up on your request and giving you an answer within the next 20 (twenty) business days. Also, through this, you can revoke consent to this Privacy Notice.

Personal Data That May Be Collected:

We inform you that Ad Astra may collect your information by a variety of means, including:

  • Personally: When you request or purchase any of the services provided in the Offices.
  • Directly: When you provide us with your personal data to request our services, hire or participate in promotions, offers, programs, either through our website or by telephone or in the Information Sessions
  • Indirectly: From any other source of information commercially available or permitted by law.

The information we collect from you can be combined to help us to better offer, provide, and/or improve our services overall.

Ad Astra will collect the personal data necessary to attend or formalize any type of product or service that you request or require; in a enunciative, but not limited manner, Ad Astra may collect your full name, sex, address, official identification, date of birth, birth entity, nationality, marital status, level of academic studies, passport number, name of the school you are attending, home or mobile phone numbers, emails, autograph signature, background and criminal record check, work certificate, medical forms / proof of good health, personal reference, work and personal letters of recommendation, Curriculum Vitae, driver’s license , language certificates, certificates of academic studies, videos, reason letters, photographs / Photo album / Family photographs, Dossier / personal presentation / Apostille birth certificate, Letter of legalization of domicile, Full passport (all sheets), visas (depending on country), diplomas, bank statements, vaccination card, medical prescriptions, psychometric test, Facebook username and other social networks, format of legal declarations, visa application forms, emails of appointment arrangement at the embassy (of the corresponding country), number of guides of documents sent, copies of insurance policies, flight information, legalizations, identity documents, signatures of the parents / permission letter / notarized custody letter (for minors), identification of the parents (for minors), payment receipts for translators, power of attorney letters, special consent letters. 

In the case of sensitive personal data, Ad Astra must obtain your express written consent for its treatment, through your autograph signature, electronic signature, or any authentication mechanism established.

Purposes of the Processing of your Personal Data:

The Processing of the owner’s personal data, including the sensitive, personal data that we may collect in his or her case, and unless the owner provides otherwise through the means described in this Privacy Notice, is intended to meet legal requirements of competent authorities, for analysis of the use of our products and services, for the fulfillment of our terms and conditions in the provision of our services, for the development of new products and services, advice, marketing, contracting, and placement of all types of services and products such as Airplane Tickets, International Packages, Language Courses, Camps, public and private schools abroad, boarding schools, as well as Universities, Specializations, Master programs, among others.

The personal data that Ad Astra collects will be used for the operation and registration of the products or services that you had contracted. Likewise, Ad Astra may use your personal data to offer you, as appropriate, other Ad Astra products and send you promotions of other goods or services related to the aforementioned products, such purposes that are not essential for the fulfillment of the legal relationship that gave rise to the product or service contracted.

Transfer of Personal Data:

Ad Astra may transfer your personal data to national or international third parties that provide you with necessary services for your proper operation. In this case, we inform you that Ad Astra will take the necessary measures so that people who have access to your personal data comply with the privacy policy of Ad Astra, as well as with the principles of personal data protection established by the Law.

Confidentiality in Social Networking Sites:

When you use an Ad Astra product on social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google, the user allows Ad Astra to access certain personal and non-personal information that you provided to this site, such as your user ID, your first and last name, your profile picture, and your data usage for that product. By logging on through a social network, the user authorizes Ad Astra to collect, store, and use all the information agreed upon that the social network could provide Ad Astra through the site. The collection, storage, and use of your information by Ad Astra is governed by this confidentiality policy.

How to Keep Personal Information Safely Collected:

We have physical, electronic, and methodological protection mechanisms designed to protect your personal data and prevent its loss, misuse, access, disclosure, alteration, and unauthorized destruction. As part of these precautions, we try to protect your personal data through technology designed to protect the data during its transmission. Access to the personal data of our customers is restricted to those employees who need to know this information so that our company or our dealers can provide them with the necessary services. Likewise, we have adopted a policy whereby the improper use of personal data by our employees is considered a serious infraction that involves the application of disciplinary measures. However, it is important to remember that there isn’t a totally secure method of data transmission or storage. Although each method is different, letters by mail, telephone calls, faxes, and internet transmissions all are exposed to a risk of loss, route diversion, interception, and misuse of transmitted data.

We have implemented reasonable administrative, technical, and physical security measures to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of your information. However, despite our efforts, there are no completely impenetrable security measures.

Revocation of Consent:

You can revoke your consent, as well as refuse the processing of your personal data for the purposes that are not essential for the legal relationship that gave rise to the product or service that you had purchased.

To effect such revocation, you must ask Ad Astra International at [email protected] for the respective format, through which we will exclude you from our campaigns for marketing, advertising, or commercial prospecting purposes.

Within a maximum period of twenty business days from the date your revocation request was received, we will respond to you with an answer, by means of a personal email, sent to the email address you have indicated in the request itself.

Modifications to the Privacy Notice

Ad Astra” reserves the right to make changes or updates to this privacy notice at any time, with the understanding that any modification to it will be made known to you by posting a notice on the website, which we recommend you check frequently; such modifications will be made accordingly and for compliance with applicable legislation.


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