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Ad Astra International Inc.

We are a company with more than 14 years in the educational tourism industry, with the experience of sending more than 800 students a year overseas to study.
Our consultants are mothers and fathers who have had the experience of sending their own children to study overseas with us. Through this process, they have acquired the necessary experience to enable them to support other families that are going through the same process.
We have a team of 60 consultants in a number of different locations in Mexico and Central America, Brazil and Spain. We have been able to identify and develop a team of people who understand the needs that families may have if they are considering sending their children overseas to study, offering them personalized attention and an ongoing service before, during and after the period that the student is away.
The majority of our consultants are mothers and fathers with a broad network of contacts in their community. Sales experience is definitely an advantage, as is fluency in the language of the country of residence, as well as an intermediate level of English.
Our team members are able to solve problems, and are enthusiastic about learning to become members of the Ad Astra family.
The benefits of joining our team.
Ad Astra pays a competitive commission to its consultants based on one scheme per student. There are good opportunities to travel as a chaperone, or on familiarization trips, to Canada, New Zealand or the United States.
Our consultants undergo constant training through webinars and in person, at specific annual events. At all times our consultants enjoy the back-up of the team in Mexico City and Canada.
Are you a full-time mother who would like an additional source of income?
If you live in any of these cities, you could become an Ad Astra Consultant! Obtain all these benefits, in an excellent working environment, and without neglecting your family!
For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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