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AD ASTRA INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION CONSULTANTS With AD ASTRA, your dream of studying abroad becomes a reality! We are backed up by 35 years’ experience in developing projects between Latin America and Canada.

We have spent 15 years offering educational programs to students from Mexico, Central America and China. We represent highly qualified educational institutions at international level. We help you to determine which study program best suits you, according to your age, interests and budget.

Personalized attention

Our staff is exclusively dedicated to providing constant support and supervision to those who are studying overseas.
• Our educational consultants are mothers and fathers, who understand the needs of the children and their families better than anyone.
• We remain in contact with the families, in order to assist them in resolving any situation that might arise.


To be the best international organization offering educational programs to students from Mexico, Central America and China, representing the best and most highly rated educational institutions in the world.
To focus on promoting and offering the best package possible to students who would like to or intend to study abroad, in order to facilitate a cultural exchange between students.


To offer the best programs and educational institutions in Canada, New Zealand, China, the United States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. We always aim to provide the personalized and quality service of our educational consultants, as well as help you to determine the study program that best suits you.

People working at Ad Astra don´t just know about the best educational programs – they help change family lifes through service, letting them know all the process of sending students abroad in all the different countries and programs that we work with.

Are you interested in joining us, and help families to take the best decision that will change their lives?